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Makeup is all about PASSION and ART. It’s your will and interest that takes you places in the field of makeup. In today’s time makeup has reached a place where creativity is at its peak and at par. We educate elite creative makeup artist. We explore and push the creativity of our students and strive for technical perfection through dedication and passion for makeup artistry

Gracious Avatar Makeup Program and Courses gives you a solid foundation for a professional career in the industry – Makeup Artistry, Fashion, Salon, Weddings, TV and Retail. Courses are designed keeping the fresher’s mind set and skills in mind; we completely understand you and will make sure your understanding of the subject gets stronger with each day at the academy

For experience makeup artist Gracious Avatar Personal learning courses can be an inspiration to discover new techniques and perspectives The professional makeup artistry courses at Gracious Avatar Academy in Gurgaon ranges from 45 days to 60 days (close to 2 months) which includes

1) Makeup Theory

2) Makeup Discipline

3) Fashion Makeup

4) Bridal Makeup

5) Different Party Makeup

6) Airbrush Makeup

In addition to the above Gracious Avatar Training Academy offers Professional Creative hairstyling Courses to ensure that the students can offer complete artistry service to their future clients

If you wish to use the Academy as a springboard to a career in the makeup industry or if you want to have your own SALON OR may be you just want to explore & challenge your own creative abilities GRACIOUS AVATAR IS THE RIGHT PLACE TO START!!

About Us

Director And Head Trainer at Gracious Avatar

Khushboo Sharma

You have to be unique and different in your own way. I strongly believe that a woman should always carry her beauty with dignity. Every girl is unique and has her own style; the only thing required is to polish her skills and confidence. My 14 years Journey which started from Hotels to Aviation to getting associated with the Makeup and Fashion Industry has been really beautiful and at the same time challenging too. All this while I realized one thing, that there is so much to learn and at the same time there is so much to do for people. Hence, Gracious Avatar took birth and became the most important part of my life. My sole motto is to reach out to you, make you a confident individual, equip you with your subject knowledge and help you chase your dreams as soon as you want it.

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