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about our Academy

Welcome to our website, DGCA has introduced a new syllabus for CPL & ATPL aspirants. Many new topics have been added which was not there in the past. This poses a big challenge for anyone to collate all the information into one place. In fact that the syllabus includes AIP India, Aircraft Act and Rules, ICAO Annexures, ICAO DOC 4444, DOC 8168, DGCA CARs and in addition to topics on Human factors, radiotelephony and several other ICAO, National and international documents. The material runs into hundreds of pages. On inspiration of CPL/ ATPL/ FATA/ Flight Dispatchers, Gracious Avatar collates all the pieces in website & mobile APP alongwith question bank to crack DGCA exam. We hope that we are managed to do so. Gracious Avatar instructors have spent several sleepless nights to come out with these contents. We hope it proves to be worth the trouble and benefits all aviation enthusiasts.