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Jan 2019
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Ground Classes for Airline Interview

Please find below the contents for Airline Interview Preparation

Please find below the contents for Airline Interview Preparation

Gracious Avatar has hired the experience Ground Instructors to prepare for Airline Interview in first attempt.  This will be a comprehensive course containing all the components require to crack an airline interview. The package for Airline Interview consists:-

1. A320 Specific & General Performance

2. A320 Specific Aircraft Technical

3. Special Operations which includes the subjects LVO (Low Visibility Operations), EDTO (Extended Diversion Time Operations), PBN (Performance Base Navigation) & RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minima)

Personality Development training is very essential for clearing any Interview. One needs to polish his/her Grooming, Approach and Interacting skills. An Interviewer will definitely look for the subject knowledge in the candidate. If they also, get a confident, well Groomed and well conversed candidate then it proves to be a complete package for them and you get to make a difference in the crowd

The Module would be:

1. Self- Grooming

2. Image Makeover

3. Personality Development

4. Effective Communication

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Composite Exam which contains Air Navigation, Flight Performance & Planning

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All the subjects are same as CPL; only with more depth.

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General knowledge about how an aircraft works.

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