Have you ever wondered what it's actually like to be a flight attendant? Are you still a little unsure about whether or not becoming Cabin Crew is the right decision for you? If so then you're not alone. Not everyone can just start a career as a cabin crew / flight attendant. Before an airline ... Being friendly, service minded and well groomed is very important

Being a cabin crew member can be very exciting and glamorous; but to be a successful flight attendant you must have the skills, personality and look to fit the description

These are the qualities you must possess to set yourself apart from the competition.

1. Customer Service Skills - This is the most highlighted skill that a cabin crew member should have. Your entire job is about ensuring that the customer is safe and happy. You must go above and beyond to make sure their journey with you was memorable

2. Teamwork - A successful and happy flight is a result of teamwork. You’ll find that you will rarely work with the same people each day and should be able to adapt and gel with different members of the team for the flight to run smoothly.

3. Communication Skills - Flight attendants must be effective communicators; Listening to the clients request and responding to it in a timely manner is essential

4. Friendly and Positive - The long hours and hard work can sometimes take a toll on your mood. But, you need to make sure you remain friendly and positive. You will be chosen for the job on your bubbly personality so never forget that.

5. Caring and Understanding - Your customers will have a varied range of needs and issues. You need to demonstrate that you can understand those needs and care for all your customers in a timely manner.

6. Professional and Responsible - Cabin Crew is primarily responsible for the safety of their passengers. You must always perform your duties in a professional manner

7. Empathetic - It’s important to be sensitive to others needs and feelings, including passengers and other crew members.

8. Adaptable and Flexible - In this line of work, it’s essential that your personal qualities include being adaptable and flexible to changes in the workplace

9. Physically Fit - As this is a physical job, you need to ensure you have a good fitness level and can endure being on your feet for over eight hours a day.

10. Well Groomed and Graceful - Flight attendants are the image of the airline and must look the part. Your grooming should be impeccable and your posture

graceful. You’ll be working long hours and have to look just as fresh at the end of the flight as you did at the start.

11. Possess Self Control - A flight attendant must keep their composure at all times. You must keep your emotions in check and avoid any behavior that is out-of-character.

12. Stress Tolerance - Flight attendants must be able to accept criticism and deal calmly and effectively during high-stress situations. It’s important to have a stress-management routine that you follow; whether it’s taking a deep breath when you are faced with a demanding situation or learning to let go and not let it bother you.

13. Initiative and Leadership - You must have great enthusiasm in taking responsibility and finding quick solutions to problems that arise.

14. Organized - This is also important in your daily life too; you will need to ensure you’re organized so you can be on standby if you are needed to go to work at the last minute.

15. Good Time Management - A required professional skill to have is good time management. It’s important to manage your own time to be at work well before the scheduled flight

16. Discretion - Discretion is important when dealing with a potential issue with either a passenger or crew member

Eligibility Criteria

Qualifications of Cabin Crew as Specified by Airlines for FRESHERS are

• Minimum age: 18 years | Maximum age: 27 years

Note : There are airlines hiring fresher’s till the age of 32 years

• Height-Minimum 155 cms for female, 170 cm for Male

• Has passed 10+2 examination from a recognized Board or University;

• No tattoos to be visible when uniform is worn

• BMI range for female 18 – 22 and for male 18 – 25

• Excellent Communication skill

• Well Groomed

Minimum Qualifications of Cabin Crew as Specified by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (D.G.C.A) should be

(a) is not less than 18 years of age;

(b) has passed 10+2 examination from a recognized Board or University;

(c) The ability to read, speak, write and understand a designated common language by the operator to ensure appropriate communication with both crew members and passengers

(d) The ability to retrieve safety and emergency equipment and open and close overhead bins on the aircraft, from a standing position

Once you get selected as a cabin crew!!

Do you know once you get selected as cabin crew/Air Hostess in any airline, you do not start flying as a cabin crew immediately? You have to undergo the training programme of the airline. The training programme of the Airlines covers few very important aspects

1) Safety and Emergency Procedures Training- Which enables a cabin crew to perform safety related task on board the aircraft. These safety related task includes:

¬ Getting familiar with the aircraft , different emergency equipment kept on board, Handling different emergency situations- Fire, Decompression, Turbulence, Emergency Landing, etc

2) First Aid Training-Which enables a cabin crew to handle medical emergency on board . Few medical emergency situations a cabin crew may come across are:

¬ Heart Attack, Unconscious passenger, Stroke etc

3) AVSEC (Aviation Security) training – Covering the security aspect of the aircraft . This training helps the crew to deal with:

¬ Hi- Jack , Bomb Threat, Unruly passengers on board

4) Customer Service- Which enables a cabin crew to serve passengers as per the airline service procedures.

5) Other trainings includes- Dangerous Good Regulations, Crew Resource Management etc.

Post your training programme, a cabin crew has to undergo examination conducted by D.G.C.A (Directorate General of Civil Aviation). On successful completion of the exam, cabin crew gets their license to fly.

Cabin crew salary in India

Every airline salary structure is different as it depends on basic salary offered by the airline, the number of hours flown by the crew and the allowance (Medical, Uniform and Catering) . The starting salary of cabin crew in India ranges from Rs 30,000-Rs 40,000/- per month Salary keeps revising with the experience and promotion. Promotion depends on the performance and experience. Once you get promoted to Cabin Crew Incharge/ Lead, the monthly salary ranges from Rs 50,000- 80,000/-

Gracious Avatar Cabin Crew Training Programme

Every airline has its own training programme for their selected candidate as the service procedures followed during the flight and safety procedures followed on board are airline specific. No two airlines will have the same procedures.

During a Cabin crew interview for fresher’s, HR is looking for some of the below mentioned qualities in the applicant.

¬ Good communication skills

¬ Confidence

¬ Grooming

¬ Maturity

¬ Positive attitude

¬ A genuine passion to help others

¬ Professional

¬ Empathetic

Our training programme is designed in a way to instill the above mentioned qualities in our students by the experienced instructors who have flown themselves as a cabin crew with domestic/International airlines and were training in the reputed airlines of India.

Cabin Crew Course Duration – 2 Months (Training and Interview)

If you can get trained for cabin crew in 2 months then what’s the point wasting time in dragging the course for a year and spending more money.

Gracious Avatar is committed to ensure a candidate gets trained for the cabin crew interview with an excellent training in a limited time.

To ensure the maximum focus on each and every candidate, the strength is standardized to 12 per class, which means the class would not be crowded and you will have all the space and time to clarify your doubts and instructors can pay close attention on candidates

We understand the fact that if you are opting for a course then you would want to start a job immediately.

Some key areas Gracious Avatar would be working on the candidates are:

¬ Confidence Building

¬ Effective Communication

¬ Grooming

¬ Body Language

¬ Interview Skills

¬ Personality Development

¬ Brief on the Aviation

In Addition to the above mentioned Gracious Avatar will also make their students do all the safety drills which are usually done by the airlines only. Drills will help you have an extra edge in the interviews when compared with any other candidate. Student shall go through the following drills with us during the course

1) Ditching Drill – To learn how to swim in water and save passengers from a life threatening situation

2) Smoke Drill – In case of fire in the aircraft, how one should fire and evacuate the passengers out of the aircraft

3) Slide Drill – Done for an evacuation which is required in case of Emergency Landing

4) Airbus 320 and Airbus 321 – Aircraft Doors Opening and Closing with protocols and technical learning

5) First Aid – Detailed first aid will be taught in order to take the correct measure to take care of a passengers health

Post your training; we would be assisting our candidate with the interview with different domestic and International airlines.

Course fees- 70,000/ (Inclusive Taxes)

The course fee is kept low in comparison to the market to ensure every individual can approach us and we can help them in achieving their dreams.

Course fees are inclusive of all the taxes and registration fees.


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